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Time is precious.

When you pay attention it makes a difference

Usable pre-release version.
Currently in development.

Why this app?

It lets you remind yourself what you

have spent the hours on

Time is precious, so log what you did every hour, use tags. Later you can view a plot of your progress and see some very nice insights about your productivity patterns.

It has been proven that reviewing your days helps you increase productivity and improves your mood because you feel more in control and see tangible improvements of your life and personality. Logging your hours helps you value every hour while catching yourself on how you get lazy or procrastinate. This app is a simple tool that can do wonders.


You Will Learn How To


Be more



Stop feeling

that you wasted your day


Be happier

What People Say (not really)

I feel inspired to use my hours more effectively. Before I used to think that I will do something "for the rest of the day". It never worked.

Or Nevonewher, Sydney

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